A Love Affair With Texas

Texas Commemorative Coins

Few American coins minted have the exceptional history that the Texas Commemoratives have and none of them have the striking and iconic beauty. Minting for them began in 1934...

Republic of Texas Stocks and Bonds

"...A major change is the inclusion of the engraving of Liberty clinging to the Eagle on the right side. Also included on this stock certificate is the image of Mercury guiding a sailor."

Republic of Texas Currency Notes

The "redbacks" were the official currency of the Republic of Texas from January 1839 to September 1840, though the name is misleading as the $1, $2, and $3 bills had blank backs...

Gold and Silver: What It Means To You

One of the things that Texas has always been known for is gold; we have a rich history that reaches back hundreds of years involving settlers, pioneers, and miners all coming to...

Southern Commemorative

A subsection of our site, dedicated to the rich history and beautiful artifacts that have come from the Southern and Confederate states.

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